Weight Loss Programme

Weight loss is a simple equation of energy intake – energy output. Following fad dieting or fitness regimes has been shown to be ineffective in managing weight and weight loss. It is important to establish effective patterns of exercising and eating to ensure that the changes you make are long term and sustainable. Addressing the causes of overweight and overeating or indeed the reason behind lack of movement or exercise is the correct way to loss the kilograms. This programme is design to give you all the skills and tools to manage your weight while still enjoying food and a sociable lifestyle.

What can I expect during the session?

  1. Individual and optional group work
  2. Gentle movement and exercise
  3. Discussion on food choice and behavioural change around eating habits
  4. Introduction of stress reduction techniques

Description of programme

  1. Initial lifestyle consultation
  2. Personal training sessions
  3. Weekly online contact
  4. Nutritional assessment
  5. Report writing


10 Weeks

Weight Loss Programme

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